Christmas Tees

Layers are shed, bikinis are out, swimming pools are being used & the beach is the place to go. Christmas lights are going up & the shops are full of Christmasy stuff.

Christmas Ts 021In Australia, summer means Christmas! I’ve heard people say they can’t imagine Christmas without the snow & cold weather, yet to us it’s what we know & love! Christmas summer & holidays go together perfectly!

Christmas Ts 004It begins 1st December when the Christmas tree’s are put up, in your swimmers! Christmas carols playing on the stereo, we get out our much loved decorations. At my house each of ours have a meaning, whether they are from relatives in Canada, gifts made by Grandmothers, parents old decorations or new purchases from last Christmas’s sales. We love looking at them as we get them out. Ours is not a perfectly matching tree, but it is full of love, family & memories, just the way we like it!

Christmas Ts 008Christmas is a long way from winter; it’s too hot to even think about jumpers.

You see Aussie’s, it’s a bit of a thing in the Northern hemisphere, to wear a Christmas jumper! You may remember Mark Darcy’s jumper from Bridget Jones Diary with a giant reindeer on it!!! (I liked that man – I mean Jumper!)

In Australia the Christmas t shirts are getting more & more popular. My daughters both have them & they make them look good!

Christmas Ts 037And as for Santa, when he’s really smart, he wears a t shirt or singlet & board shorts and gets around with his surfboard.  The red & white suit really is a bit obsurd in the middle of Summer!

The air is full of Christmas parties, BBQ’s special meals with friends in the lead up to Christmas. Super Girl has an annual Christmas Pool Party on the last day of school. School breaks for 6 weeks & we love that!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here!

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