Cardboard Cubby

cardboard cubby

Easy & Cheap! I’ve made a few of them in my time. Just get a cardboard box, whatever size you fancy or have.  From someone’s new dishwasher or a furniture store, they’re only going to throw them out & will give them away.

Today I made a mini cubby for my baby out of a microwave box. It has a trap door, so I can trap her in it, or for her to crawl out of.  It has windows to play peak a boo through.

It’s so easy, you get a blade, cut a door & some windows, paint if you like. You might want to add a mailbox, for the postman game. You can be as creative as you want. Then throw in some toys, random kitchen equipment or whatever else they might fancy. When my eldest was about 7 we made a big one & she slept in it in her room for about a month! It was a lot of fun. I’ve also made one with my nephew & niece & they still remember it.

So today my baby scored a new house & new wheels, cost me the whole of $5 & very little time.

I love the vintage bike I got from buy/swap/sell. There’s something very cool about finding a toy/ bike from yesteryear or from your own childhood for your kid, I much prefer it to the latest stuff.

Parenting doesn’t have to be expensive & can be creative & fun!

M x