Bottle n Boobs

Of course everyone knows boob is best, for all the reasons we already know. Bla bla bla.. It’s not often though that people talk about how bloody hard it is to breast feed for many of us. I fed my first baby for 12 months, so tick that box, I made it! It worked well for her & me. 11 years later & I had the same goal, but it did not go to plan. From very early on I was expressing & getting my husband to feed her so I could have a little time out when needed. We also bought some formula to have in the house just in case & we used it. I did not feel bad, I felt smart! When I really needed a break she could take formula. My sister even took her for the entire day a couple of times. Life saver!
I tried so hard to continue breast feeding, I cried when I thought it was my last feed. But then I couldn’t do it (stop) & kept on going twice. Finally I began to wean her until I got to 1 feed per day for a few days & then I stopped for good. I have my own personal reasons for stopping as all women do. When I finally stopped it was a relief, a weight off my shoulders. It is easier not breastfeeding. I did my best. I managed to feed her for 6 months & that was a stretch. But I have to be happy with that.
I’m not pro- bottle nor am I pro- breast feeding anymore. I used to be Pro- breastfeeding. I think we Mothers do the best we can all the time. So if we can breast feed – great well done. If we can’t, it’s okay our babies will be okay, we will be okay. I’m pro – What is best for Mum! And I’m actually now a fan of comp feeding, using a bit of boob & a bit of bottle. Us Mum’s have to be okay & have to do what it takes to make us that way. I don’t think one person should be the only one to be able to feed a baby, we need help! So here’s my con list about Boob & my pro list about Bottle, as we all know the vice versa:
• Time restrictions, you are always on the clock, you can’t go out for too long as you are always aware of the next feed for your baby & for your boobs that are filling up.
• Having your boobs out all the time.
• It’s draining, at times I felt exhausted after feeding.
• When baby fusses it is really frustrating
• Breast problems, such as mastitis, blocked ducts & engorged breasts, not to forget the discomfort when your milk comes in!
• Others can feed the bub!
• More Sleep – as others can feed the bub in the night!!! YIPEEEEEE
• There are no time restrictions, I can go out for an entire day if I choose & I do!
• No more maternity bras/ clothes
• Feeding a baby room temperature formula so a microwave is not needed. My bub has no problem with that & it makes it much easier.
• It’s not as hard as I thought it would be on my baby or on my conscience
So there you have it, my thoughts on the whole debarkle, different than they would have been 11 years ago, (when I gave my baby nothing but breast milk for 12 months until she went straight onto cows milk) & even 6 months ago.
To breastfeeding Mum’s – may the force be with you, it can be very hard!  To bottle feeding Mum’s – it’s okay don’t feel bad. You too are doing the best you can for your baby, may the force be with you too! Xx