Blogtober Christmas Party in London!

When: Now as you read this!

Where: The Rumpus Room, in the Mondrian London click here to check it out Seriously click on link, it will only take a few seconds, this venue is amazing!!  Recommended by Alicia!

C.A. Viletta of organised free flights for everyone who is travelled from outside the U.K. First Class of course, but she is travelled with us this time!

Flight attendant helping us into plane!
Flight attendant helping us into plane!

Kez & I travelled together from Australia we arrived a few days early so we could get around to the best of London’s Thrift shops, Portabello Road & Camden markets. We both found so many great clothes it was difficult to chose what to wear to the party! Kez settled on the grooviest Retro dress & shoes, she looks straight out of the 60’s. I am a little jealous of her finding it first. But I found a beautiful vintage dress which makes me feel like a Greek Godess with the flowing layers & low neckline.

C.A was also in London early & offers to take us sight seeing in her new car! She has one in every continent now & has a car sharing roster with other fly in fly out locals. C.A & I make a special trip to see Little Ben, who has been reinstated outside Victoria Station now that renovations are complete.

Little Ben- Straight from my photo album!
Little Ben- Straight from my photo album!

Sammy has left her baby & man at home, as have Sophie & I. Sammy has a full weekend to herself with some quality time in the big smoke, she’s fitted in some shopping, reading & crocheting in some of the best cafes in London. You should see the adorable little English Bobby doll she made when in a café near Buckingham Palace.

Laura has ridden to London on her new motorbike, it was perfect weather for this, a beautiful autumn day. She offers to give out rides to anyone who’s game. I am & we take a spin over London Bridge, yahoooooo.

Sophie has been driven to London by Mr. Sophies Voice in a Red Mustang convertible. He is looking forward to meeting her Blogging mates too.

Sidney has travelled by Rocket as he’s just returned from the first tourist trip to Mars! He has much info to share, he’s met an Alien Doctor who is smarter than all Doctors on earth & holds the answers to every health concerns of humans, which will soon be easily healed & prevented. Sid is keen to share his info especially with Sophie & Rachel!

Holly is returning home to Ireland from Switzerland & has a 2 day stopover in London coinciding with our party. She is quite jet lagged from all her travel, but after a good nights sleep you wouldn’t know. She is dressed in a stunning designer red dress & looks so classy. She is ready to party!

Alexandra is now living in Cambridge & has caught the train to London. She has had such a busy time studying at Uni, she got high distinctions in all her subjects & earnt a scholarship to study her final year at Cambridge. She is loving discovering her where her roots are from, back in England.

Zom Osborne has been so busy she has only just manage to leave her beautiful Australian rainforest & make it to London for a few days, she can’t stay long as she has an Art Prize to collect soon.

Finally it is time for us all to get together. There is no anxiety or self consciousness as we are all feel quite comfortable with each other from the start. The night flows easily with much laughter & support. We feel like we’ve know each other for years.

The venue is Alicia’s new work place, she has been put straight in as Head Chef a month ago, they recoginsed her talent immediately. Of course she knows what is best, she makes recommendations for everyone at the party individually, knowing as a good Chef does what each person will enjoy the most. It is amazing. For desert the CHOCOLATE CAKE, lemon sorbet, yellow pepper and mint marmalade are unbelievable. We eat & drink watching the sunset over the Thames & London bridge the sun casts a shadow over the scene and then replaces by many bright lights of London. There is a few minutes of silence as we all soak in what we are seeing.  Please go back & click on link at the beginning if you didn’t then, it sets the mood for the entire party!

Sid is sitting by an open door to the balcony, strumming his Guitar in an Acustic version of …. What song please Sidney, please fill in the blank? At times he changes to a little wooden ukulele. It is perfect for the occasion and we all join in & sing when we know the words.

We’re all dolled up for this occassion. Colleen is wearing a beautiful replica of David Tennants Doctor BrownTrench Coat, everyone wonders what she has underneath! What are you wearing C.A?  Will you ever take that coat off?

Sophie arrived in the most magnificent gown & glass slippers a la Cinderella with dark hair & a fringe, she walks around the room greeting everyone warmly, introducing Mr. Sophie’s Voice & engaging in fascinating conversations. We’ve all missed her terribly since the challenge ended & can’t help but hugging her – even though she squirms a little!

Sammy has her with camera slung over her arm & is capturing the night, without intrusion. Everyone is more than happy to be photographed, we know we all look great! I insist on getting some photos of Sammy too, as she looks stunning in a sexy deep purple number.

Laura is dressed in a beautiful flowing dress in natural earthy shades. She is fascinating to talk to & shares amazing stories of births she’s attended with us, whilst sipping on tea after tea in the most beautiful cup & saucer you’ve ever seen.

Rachel is wearing a sleek long black evening gown with the Night Walker Batallion Sherpa Dusta Coat over the top, she received for Christmas, peeking out from below the dress are the caged Pointed ballet flats. She looks so elegant. During the night, she sneaks some leftovers into her purse for Yogi her dog.

There are others I don’t know well Renae Holyoak & Janet Yarwood, but by the end of the night it’s a different story.

Throughout the night each person gets adequate time with each other to have intimate conversations & genuine laughter.

Sidney is in high demand because he is the musician. Each person has to wait for a break in his music to chat with him, at times there is a line up! He looks smashing in a smart tailored suite, but with a funky twist only a musician can pull off. His music is just perfect, the volume is just right, we can enjoy it but are also able to talk to each other. But by midnight he’s had enough & joins the group. We give him a round of applause!

Copius amounts of tea, coffee, wine, beer & cocktails are enjoyed. And in this cyber world there is no such thing as a hangover!

At one point C.A.  steps away from the group, she wants to fully soak in this moment, the music & new found but familiar friends. Sidney glances over at her & they exchange a look of understanding & smile.

At 2am it’s time to leave. No one wants the night to end. I suggest a ride on the London Eye! It was not even there when I was last in London 18 years ago. We catch a Red London double decker bus!


With bottles of champagne & glasses we all squeeze into the carriage/ pod of the Eye. Up we go, round & around & the view is magnficient. The atmosphere is exciting, we begin doing toasts.  We toast ourselves for the fun we had & the achievement of completing the challenge, there is no comparrisons or concerns about how many days each of us completed, everyone is happy with their effort. We wrote, we read, we laughed, we cried. We made new friends, got new ideas & inspiration to keep us going. We promise each other we will keep on blogging & meet again next Blogtober.

It’s been a pleasure ladies & gentleman!  I thank you all.

And finally before the ride is over we thank Alexandra for all her organisation of the challenge & her daily prompts & ultimately bringing us all together. Hip Hip Horray!!!!!

8 thoughts on “Blogtober Christmas Party in London!

  1. Like C.A I shed a tear!!! This is amazing!!!! What a truly fantastic end to Blogtober!!!!!! I’m going to miss you guys! Let’s keep this up sometimes!!! Xx P.s thank you for my deep purple number 😉 xx

  2. Oh well, C.A. made a remark I concur with, so what the hell…I`M SAVING THIS, you are brilliant! There you go, have my traffic with all comments and views all together for this post. Now I`m embarassed I didn`t write more on my farewell post, shame on you, Sid.
    …free flights would be lovely though! omg 🙂

  3. I hope so too. I just love the restaurant you recommended. I want to go there someday!! Who knows maybe by then you will be Head chef! Miss you too! X

  4. Oh you are a classic, I just knew something crazy and amazing was underneath! Thank you C.A it’s been so fun!

  5. Oh wow!! I was there! and I enjoyed the time spent with you all, this is such a beautiful post of friendship, togetherness and dreams coming through. I hope we can all meet again soon, in the bright lights of the big smoke! miss you already xxx

  6. Haha! This is amazing, you wrote everyone perfectly! If only it were true! I’ll be missing you xx

    Kez |

  7. I’m crying!!! I’m crying and laughing! And laughing! To Hell with you, woman! Where had you been!!!!????
    Oh God, this is the best post ever. I just can’t.
    I just. Oh God.
    A round of applause is enough. You deserve the kind that you stand up from the chair and shake your head in disbelief at the marvel that you have just witnessed.
    P.S. I’m not removing the trenchcoat. Perhaps, after a few cocktails. I’m wearing a black catsuit underneath. Had to break in the costume department of Marvel Studios to snag Scarlett Johansen’s attire. 😉

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