Blogtober challenge Day 2 – Fav Quote

Easy – “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present.”

This has been a favourite of mine forever. My sister once gave it to me in a card & I had it in a frame for years. I think it sums up life; not to dwell on the past, be excited about the future & enjoy the moment. In my life I have always been someone who enjoys the age I am, from a young age I realised I only get this opportunity one time. This moment will never come again!

When I was older & seeing a counsellor, she introduced me to mindfulness, it really resonates with me. I like it a lot more than cognitive behaviour therapy. Mindfulness for me works in treating depression & anxiety, which I struggle with.

This quote reminds me to make the most of today & be thankful for it.

And I am.

Meg x



6 thoughts on “Blogtober challenge Day 2 – Fav Quote

  1. Being consciouss about your environment and enjoying every moment is sooo challenging in today`s world! Thanks to all the social media we might lack touch of reality and even empathy towards the others. Enjoy every day, that`s what`s importnat. Thanks for these thoughts.

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