Blogtember challenge Day 1 – 5 facts about Mwa

Hi I’m Meg, I’m about to try blogging every day for the month of October.  So here we go as the title suggests, or maybe I’ve fitted in, a little bit more.

1. I’m aRty, I love Art, Photographs, writing, drawing, painting, beading, making stuff. At the moment I’m mostly into Photography. For the past month I’ve been doing this photo-a-day challenge in my local community, I’m loving it & feel really creative.  Not sure how I’ll go with blogging every day!  We’ll see…
2. I’m a fOodie, I love food,  most. I find it hard to say no to yummy things. I’m sweet & savoury. I love it all! A few favourites: Chocolate, Ice Cream, Salt & Vinegar chips or popcorn, pistachios, Sushi (salmon), Avocados, and Mushrooms. The list could go on & on.
3. I’m kind of sPorty – I like bike riding, swimming, walking, netball, softball, yoga, ball sports, I’ll give most of it a go.
4. I’m fRiendly, I have lots of friends from all times of my life. I keep in contact with many old friends & have wonderful newer ones. I can talk to anyone!
5. I’m gReen – I really care about the environment. I do my best to reduce my carbon footprint & believe there is much each individual can do! I’ve written posts about this.

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10 thoughts on “Blogtember challenge Day 1 – 5 facts about Mwa

  1. Thank you Sophie, you know I really am finding that taking photos daily & being involved in this photo a day thing is helping me so much. I’d dare to say it’s as good as exercising daily! I believe it’s because having things in your life that you really enjoy & are passionate about (a hobbie) is great therapy! thanks for reading, look forward to seeing some of your photos!

  2. Loved reading your ‘five facts about me’. This Blogtober challenge is a good way for us all to get to know each other a bit more. Have a lovely long weekend 🙂

  3. Thanks Ladies for your input! I was about to log on & re-do the whole thing, second guessing myself. I wrote this while waiting to go into an appointment. (I have to use every spare minute to do this everyday thing)

    Same to you Kez, the environment is such an important issue, how could it not be!

    I look forward to this challenge!

  4. Hey Meg,

    These are great facts! It’s nice to get to know you better, it’s also nice to see someone else who cares about the environment! x

    Kez |

  5. Meg you’re an all rounder! Good luck with the blogtober challenge. I am doing it also and have never done blog post everyday. So, let’s see how we fair with this here challenge…

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