Blogging Goals for 2016 & now on!

1. Continue writing

2. Write more. One thing I’ve learnt doing this Blogtober Challenge is: I can write daily! This has been a big surprise to me. I didn’t think I had enough time. I made time. I grabbed time whenever I could. I’ve enjoyed it so much, it’s worth it. I love writing. Doing what you love every day is GOOD! It makes you better in more ways than one.

3. Continue to interact with other bloggers. This is another valuable thing I’ve learnt during the challenge. I’ve met some really great people, they feel like new friends. Friendship is a two way street, involving input. Talking, sharing AND listening. I write, they read & comment. They post, I read & comment. We encourage each other. It’s been lovely. I don’t want it to stop!

4. Continue to take photos & use them on blog. I’ve also learnt over the past 2 months I can take more photos. I love taking photos! It’s GOOD too!

5. Continue to go in challenges & events. Its fun, gives you focus & you’re not doing it alone. It’s been so interesting to see how other people have interpreted various topics. I’ve always found other people’s opinions fascinating!

6. Write about things I’m prompted to. A few of the topics in the challenge have given me opportunities to write about things that had crossed my mind previously. I’m now going to start a list of future topics. Having a topic ready gives me something to mull over during the day & find an angle I want to write about it.

7. Sort out my blog, I don’t even think the subscribe button is working & maybe not visible. I need to fix this, I’m scared though as I’m not techno minded (I don’t like it). It must be done! (this will be the hardest goal to achieve)

8. Could be good to learn more about fonts & the use of WordPress too.

9. That’ll do pig! Lets not go crazy!
(not calling myself a pig, it’s from a movie about a very cute & intelligent pig!) anyone anyone? Ha ha

Found this Drawing last night when tidying up a filing cabinet - Art by Super Girl!
Found this Drawing last night when tidying up a filing cabinet – Art by Super Girl!

5 thoughts on “Blogging Goals for 2016 & now on!

  1. I love that your goals are based mostly around consistency – you recognise your achievements and you want to keep up the paste. Good luck for next year 🙂 I have every faith in you x

  2. We all have been changed by this challenge. Oty was an absolute pleasure and honour to have met you and I hope that we can still keep inpuch even if this challenge ends. XOXO

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