Blog as – 5 things about me

  1. i gave up caffeine a few weeks ago, it’s not that bad! I’m drinking Dandelion tea now & enjoy Chai Lattes out. My head is clearer!!
  2. i wasn’t going to do Blogmas but joined last night! Sucker for a challenge.
  3. Christmas tree up 1st Dec – by orders of Supergirl (my 12 year old)
  4. i love rain
  5. i think auto correct is funny, love what it comes up with.  Blogmas came up Blog as! Appropriate 😄

7 thoughts on “Blog as – 5 things about me

  1. I gave up caffeine for a bet at work a couple years ago. Toughest three weeks of my life! I struggled with giving up chocolate mostly though – was a pretty strict challenge 🙁

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