The best game Ever!

The Best Game Ever!
You know how kids sometimes want you to play games that you really don’t want to play, well here’s one I love to play! My daughter 11 & her friend created a café; they make up a menu of options for morning tea/ lunch/ afternoon tea. They dressed up with aprons on & came to take my order for each meal!
Morning Tea: I had 3 small Lamingtons, one home-made (by her) Anzac Biscuit & a cappuccino.
Lunch: Fruit Salad, yoghurt & water.
My name is Mildred – I always have that name in games, it’s so daggy its cool! They gave me the surname Falls-Over on my loyalty card – Mildred Falls-Over. When I was finished with my dishes I rang a bell & they came in dancing & picked up the dishes, there was also added entertainment of further dancing when they dishes had been cleared.
I love this game! Her friend remembered it from when she had been at our place a year ago, think they like it too!
I’ll have to teach them to play housekeepers next! Jan 2014 mini ipad 167