Bag Lady

I like bags; I have a bit of a thing about them. But not expensive ones, the most I’d spend would be about $30. Maybe one day I’ll buy a good one, but it’d doubtful.

When I saw the topic for today, I thought, well that could be embarrassing or boring to see what’s in mine.  I have wanted to sort through my bags for a while, so I got them all out on my (made) bed.

collectionI admit I’m a bit of a hoarder, all of my things have a story to them though! Three of these bags my Mum made, one I made – can’t throw them out! My daughter bought me snoopy bag recently & 2 friends gave me one each. I like them all. There were 2 that didn’t make the photo, too grubby – think I need to toss them.  I resisted once before.

When I go out I usually take 2 bags, one baby bag & one for myself. I’ve taken photos of exactly what is in my bags this morning.

Country Road Leather Big Bag!
Country Road Leather Big Bag!

The brown bag is my favourite at the moment. I got given it in some stuff for my market stall from a friend, I soon realised it is leather, Country Road & unused! I’ll be keeping that thank you! No idea what it would be worth, but it’s perfect as I can also stuff my baby’s things in it & only take one bag it’s that big.

Baby bag
Baby bag

This is what’s in the baby bag at this moment. It had not been unpacked from yesterday’s visit to my parents.  It’s missing the critical food snacks, water bottle & milk bottle and a few toys or books. I try not to go anywhere without those things. I always take 2 sets of clothes, a bib, socks, shoes & at least 5 nappies & wipes for her. I got this bag at a local Op shop as I liked the pattern & it doesn’t look like one of those daggy old nappy bags.

In conclusion not too bad an exercise, I may be a little embarrassed at my amount of bags, but I do use them all at certain times. I also lose things & re-find them time & time again, exciting/ annoying. I’m currently hoping against all hopes to find my 50c GUCCI sunglasses (found at yes you guessed it an Op shop) – super score) but they’ve been gone for a couple weeks now. It’s not looking good! 🙁

How many bags do you have?

6 thoughts on “Bag Lady

  1. As of now, I have at least 20 bags. Half of them are backpacks that I bought whenever I am in Korea ($10 for a leather backpack is good enough for me). Half are hand-me-down from my mom meaning they are older than I am. PS. I hope you find those sunglasses.

  2. I love how your using this challenge to sort out areas in your life 🙂 I’m a bag lady too..high five! Also your changing bag is soo adorable! 🙂

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