Another Hobby I have..

I’d have to say my number 1 is Second hand shopping, but I’ve mentioned that often so lets move on.

I like to make things. They have to be simple & quick with a busy 15 month old. As I have little time. (I just typed those two lines & she wants me)  I’ve moved to the lounge room, the TV is on. (Distraction) I’m on the lounge.  I like to doodle, I draw on everything when I get the chance.  (she squeals & runs back to the office pointing). I must’ve known this was coming as the other day I grabbed some new Textas at an Op shop $1. This morning I realised I’d forgotten my Auntie’s birthday, so I got out some cardboard & whipped her up a card. Bingo – a new hobby! I bought card sized cardboard a few weeks ago. I looked up on Pinterest & found some ideas on simple cards. But then I just copied an old card to make this one.  Hearts easy!

cards 006(She’s dancing next to me, quick SAVE) I need it to be easy too. (She’s on the lounge; she’s pressing buttons & grinning) Ahhhh thank goodness I saved! I can also incorporate my desire to reuse old cards but cutting out nice things from them. This will give purpose to my doodling!  (She’s watching The Wiggles on her little lounge.)

cards 007Maybe I can get this posted?! {Now the damn cat is headbutting my hands!}


7 thoughts on “Another Hobby I have..

  1. This was so cute! Aww! I used to wreck my mum’s head “trying to help” haha! As an aromatherapist, a 2 year old wasn’t quite the help she needed haha!
    I love being crafty! I haven’t in so long though 🙁

  2. This is such a cute post, gave a real idea of what it is like trying to do anything with pets and a young child around. Well done you! I think you’ve cracked the code there, and don’t let anyone tell you haven’t. Your card is lovely by the way, am sure the recipient will be moved by it.


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