An Easter with no CHOCOLATE

It took me over 40 years to do this!  I was in contemplation mode last year.  And guess was okay!  I made it through with no chocolate at all.  I did sniff a bit though, it smells so good!

I like online challenges.  I’ve done a few: A photo a day: My favourite being two local challenges, #magicofthemanning &  #mindonthemanning.  I’ve also taken part in a drawing challenge, a daily blogging month, a sustainable home challenge and a Tame your temper one.  (yes I have a temper – don’t you?)

The one that’s had the biggest impact, is the one I’m doing right now.  It’s called Cleanse & Connect & because I’m an Earth Warrior I was drawn to it.  An amazing local girl, Kirsty Hughes –, has designed it.  (this is my 3rd challenge with her.)  It’s a 28 day challenge and it does have a cost, but it’s affordable!  Together, we have been cleansing our bodies & our minds.  She sends out daily emails & has an online portal where we access weekly videos and information.  There is a resource page with excellent short meditations that connect you with the earth & all energy in life.  She gives great suggestions on things we can do daily to bring about peace of mind & take care of ourselves, so we can in turn take care of our planet.  I’m in week 4 right now.  I have not had any of the following for the past 3 weeks:

  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Dairy
  • Gluten/ bread/ wheat etc
  • Processed Sugar

Can you believe that?  I can’t!  I feel good and proud of myself.  I’m not intolerant to any of the above, lucky for me but I’m enjoying eating a more natural diet.  Like the Paleo diet idea.

With the last new moon we set an individual intention: mine is “I have an abundance of kindness for myself & it feels like a Springbok pronking”.  I have been repeating it to myself daily, it makes me smile.  It also makes me think of all the things I can do to be kind to myself & can put a stop to negativity.  Being kind to myself has many levels:  being more selective of what food I allow into my body, listening to my intuition, taking time to meditate.  We did a full moon ceremony to symbolise letting go of things that no longer serve us.

Many years ago I heard a great quote:  “Healthy people eat to fuel their bodies, not their emotions” I don’t know who said it, but I’ve want to be one of those healthy people.  However I’ve been an emotional eater, looking to food for comfort.  I can’t even narrow it down – I love all food sweet, savoury,  anything & everything.

I feel like I have broken this habit.  Now I am looking for yummy alternatives to enjoy & I have found some simple nutritious recipes.  I’m enjoying all the healthy things & what they are doing for my body, I particularly enjoy not feeling any guilt about what I’m eating.

Challenges are great: they make you think beyond yourself and give you a different focus, I believe it improves mental health too.  Something as simple as taking a photo a day gives me something to ponder on – (how will I portray that topic) similar with writing and drawing.  And Cleanse & connect has definitely been very beneficial to me.

Have you taken part in any cool challenges online?

3 thoughts on “An Easter with no CHOCOLATE

  1. Another great post Meg. I am so proud of you-POWER TO YOU GIRL!
    I always feel encouraged by you. I need to challenge myself to be more mindful of my health and not give into my vices. I am seeking to make this May a beginning of a new approach to caring for my health and well being. I will (in the meantime) check out the site you recommended for inspiration.

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