About me

I can fit

Clarity is my favourite word, I love it. It means seeing a situation clearly, not being deceived. It means truth; it is beautiful, clear & honest. Like water. Water that is clear & clean is so refreshing & healing. On my blog I am going to write about things that are important to me, the way I see the world. Things I do to look after the environment & try to reduce my carbon footprint. Part of this for me is shopping 2nd hand. It is a real passion of mine.

My blog is also about mindfulness about how each moment in life comes once only.

I will write about being a parent at times, I am a Mum to a 6 month old baby & an 11 year old – both girls. I will tell you the honest truth about it, the good, challenging & downright difficult.

I am blogging as I want/ need a creative outlet, at the moment I’m a stay at home Mum & it can be quite isolating, I’m looking forward to working on this blog & getting some input from the web world. I enjoy writing, always have. I’m not sure where this will take me, but I’m excited.