A simple walk…?

I decided to do an experiment, I’d try and walk every day and see if it helped my moods and general well-being. I decided I’d walk and record what happened on my walks for the next 14 days.

“They” always say that getting out for a walk is good for your mental and physical health.  It sounds relatively simple, but is it?  It often hasn’t seemed that easy in the past…

Day one; I went out for a walk and rang my sister on the way, she lives in Sydney, it was nice to catch up with her and I kinda felt like I was walking with her as I pushed the pram and we talked.

Day two; I walked with my arm in a sling I should’ve been wearing it for the past six weeks after dislocating my right shoulder. As I walked up the hill pushing my pram awkwardly with one arm I passed a guy wearing the exact same sling. “How do you do yours?” I asked “broken collarbone” he said “I dislocated my shoulder” I said, “OUCH” he replied and we kept on walking. 😄

Day Three; I didn’t walk today but I traded my walk for a beautiful 2 1/2 hour much needed sleep – what a luxury! My Dad was babysitting for me!

Day Four; After school drop off, I drove to the river to go for a walk.  As I began I saw what looked like a tiny person sitting by the side of the river, how intriguing; as I got closer I realised it was a little Buddha statue!  However this was a very non-zen like walk as my baby cried and tried to get out of the pram. After a short time I turned around and went back to the car giving up on my walk because sometimes it’s not that enjoyable! And babies don’t always co-operate with what you want to do.

not so zen likeDay five; I joined in my local park run on Saturday morning,  this is a great thing to be involved in.  At 8 AM in many towns in Australia you can join in a local park run which is a timed free event.  I choose not to run as I prefer to walk.  Ours is along the beautiful Manning river and enjoy being part of the event. I take my daughters and sometimes the dog.

Day six; I went for a walk with my husband who carried our baby in a sling and our two dogs. We went into this lovely field and I took some photos (see below) we also saw a plane take off which I think is cool.

field walk

Day Seven; no walk, too busy.  Some days are like that!

Day Eight; Went out for short walk after having tried for 30 minutes to get baby to sleep, the walk didn’t succeed either. I did see a cute old couple sitting on the Veranda and enjoyed the winter sun.  Sometimes it’s just better to get out of the four walls.

Day Nine; Today I had a walk with a purpose, I had one and a half hours while my older girl was at gymnastics. I decided I’d walk into town and go buy some a few things. I had a really good walk and got my shopping done.  Time spent wisely.

Day Ten; Today I had a nice walk with my Dad, who pushed the pram! Stopped at the local community Garden and met a guy my Dad knows.  I found out they might be opening a Pre school there in the future!  That’d be great!

Day Eleven; I went for a beautiful walk by the river, not a cloud in the sky. Today my nephew was born!  What a happy day. This morning I said “Good morning” to two other walkers, as  you do!  Then I stopped at a great vintage shop in the Main Street and bought myself a dress!

Day Twelve; This morning I didn’t feel like rushing and missed Parkrun, I had a busy day planned!  It was a bit of a sluggish start and I realised, it’s worth the effort to go to the park run for the start of each weekend.

Day 13; I had a lovely walk on the beach with my husband then breakfast out! So nice to be back at the beach!

Day 14; I finished this experiment with a walk on my 40th birthday.  Again I walked by the river with my baby in her pram, she was perfect, the day was beautiful as was the scenery.  I reflected on how lucky I am to live here and how happy I am with where I am in my life right now.

I feel like I’ve created a bit of a habit this past fortnight. Each day I think about what’s in store and how I can fit my walk in. It’s pretty clear, I feel better when I walk. Not only because it’s good for me in the obvious ways. But also because I engage with the world and people around me. Ideas come to me, I look around me and see what’s going on in my community and see the world outside my life.  My little girl likes it too, most of the time.  Looks like ‘they’ are right, a walk a day, helps keep the Doctor away.

Do your best!

M x










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  1. Walking is awesome, isn’t it? It’s my favourite kind of exercise 🙂
    I’m trying to become a runner at the moment – that’s a whole other kettle of fish haha x

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