A day in PJ’s

I’m in my PJ’s & it’s 3:10pm, I never! I’m staying in them all day! They are not just any PJ’s however, but designed by my favourite local Artist, Mr. Shepherd.

Here is an original Artwork I bought at an exhibition of hers a few years ago. It cost me around $360 the most I’d ever paid for a piece of Art. Now she is selling her originals for around $1000 each. I’m stoked with the price I paid now. I love it. I look at her every day.

IMGP7491She does these cute little girls, mostly & they all have names & a story.

My PJ’s are ‘Miss Gloria the Kid’. Here is her story.

IMGP7487Miss GloriaMiss Gloria

Mrs Shepherd displays her stuff mostly at The Art Gallery just north of Taree on the highway in NSW. A lovely place to stop for a coffee or meal, set beside a small river. When I got my PJ’s the other day I also got a free colouring in to do: I’m not finished but when I am, I’m going to frame it! I just love her stuff.

colouring inWhilst in my PJ’s today, I’ve begun the mammoth task of sorting through my clothes, I always put my winter stuff away in summer & vice versa. I enjoy going through it all at the change of season to see all the things I’d forgotten I had. I had to do this as I started it the other day & this is where I got to.  I’m almost finished. I’ve got the idea for another post whilst doing it, I’m stocktaking my clothes and will write about it. I’ve got a lot & I’m culling at the same time. I may be embarrassed when I admit just how much I have. You see for example I counted 34 pairs of shoes.

But anyhoo that’s for another day. Today I’m comfy in my new PJ’s. It’s Saturday & we are doing stuff around the house. And really, why the hell not!


9 thoughts on “A day in PJ’s

  1. Oh my heart has skipped a beat – Thank you Mrs Shepherd, I’m so happy to hear from you & that you liked it. I am such a big fan of your work. Eskimo kisses back. I will be bouncing around today too now! Love Meg xxxxx

  2. Wow what a lovely post!!!
    Thank you so much for your kind words it’s made my day I have bounce n my step!
    Many Eskimo kisses
    Mrs Shep xxxxx

  3. These PJ’s are so cute! It’s so hard to find a nice shorts & tank set. This is a really cool artist too, great way to spread the word about her 🙂

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