A Blogger I admire

All I think of when I read this title is Di from www.studiotencreative.com.   I know what day she posts & know her site off by heart. I check every Mon & Wed to see if she’s posted. The reason’s I like her are:

She gets readers to write lists, she gives the topics weekly & I usually like them. I’ve written a post on what’s in my fridge & things that put me in a good mood. She gets me to do stuff, write lists, inspires posts & think!  Here’s two of mine.



She is really creative, her sites looks so professional but still inviting. She does all sorts of crafty things on a regular basis. Stuff I never get around to doing.

Her posts are short & sweet. I’m not a fan of too long!

She did a Blog-tember challenge last month, blogging every day. I’d never heard of doing such a thing or thought it possible. I was inspired & decided to have a go when this one came up. I’m doing it too!

She has a teenager & talks about her in a positive way. She does good stuff with her, supports her & clearly loves her to bits. I’m a big advocate for teens. I love to see this & to witness functional family relationships. I’m a youth worker by trade & have seen lots of the other side of the coin.

We have a lot in common, found out by her lists & mine. Both travelled, like coffee, lists, making stuff & some of the same 80’s music!

But I’m worried; she hasn’t posted since 30th Sept. I hope she’s ok. I hope she’s just on vacation from her busy Blog-tember month. I’ve sent her a concerned reader message. I feel like a stalker. But I miss her. I’ll let her know about this post.

Ps. I’m really enjoying getting to know new bloggers & feel inspired daily. I’ve made myself a list of all the bloggers & some of the things they’ve said or written about that I like, so I remember. I am following a lot more now!

Pss. See I’m such a list person, no wonder Di is my number 1!

fav blogger

9 thoughts on “A Blogger I admire

  1. I’m so happy to hear from you. I had a feeling things may not be ok. I said a prayer for you last night. Swear to God 😄

  2. Oh goodness Meg! I’m so touched. I can’t believe you would write such kind words. I’m sorry I haven’t been around. I’ve been off the grid for a couple of weeks. I’ve had to deal with some not so nice stuff, and just haven’t felt like blogging. I’ll be back online soon. Glad you’re taking on the Blogtober challenge. x

  3. I think it’s really nice that you’ve written to check in with her. You wouldn’t find one note too stalkerish, would you?
    I’m glad someone else feels somehow close to their favourite. It’s nice to be able to make sense of the attraction to the blog.

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