20 questions for future me!

1. How is this even possible? This is amazing meeting me here & now!
2. Can you please find the numbers to the next large Lotto draw & let me know the numbers beforehand?
3. Then advise what should I invest in?
4. What is the future like?
5. What amazing discoveries/ inventions occurred in my lifetime?
6. How were my daughter’s teenage years?
a. Should I have done anything different?
7. What should I do in my career?
8. How can I move into an Environmental Job whilst maintaining my current life style? What is the best road for me to take?
9. Did we every go live in another country for a year?
a. How was it?
10. Should I have another baby?
a. I don’t think I should, but can’t help but wonder at this age.
b. Would I go mad if I did, like totally lose my shit?

A dear friend & I dressed up for my 'old person' theme party when I bought my unit. (doing a thing oldies do).
A dear friend & I dressed up for my ‘old person’ theme party when I bought my unit. (only oldies buy houses).

11. What should I not be doing now to make my life last longer?
12. Any advice on how to keep my marriage going strong?
13. Did I make any big mistakes that I could avoid with hindsight?
14. When am I going to die?
a. What will happen to me?
b. How can I live longer?
(I know this will be hard to tell me)
15. What can I do to keep my family safe?
a. Is there places, times people we should avoid?
16. When will I lose my love ones?
a. How much time do I have left with them?
17. Could you please ask my future daughter what she would have liked me to push her to do i.e.: a sport, music, acting?
18. What have been some of the best things I did in my life?
19. Can we meet again?
20. And lastly, can we get a photo together please?

9 thoughts on “20 questions for future me!

  1. Love these questions, you’ve managed to inject your personality into this beautifully! I’d love to meet your future self too, maybe she’d have some good advise for me. x

  2. I know! I intend on being her too!

    My husband just pointed out, I won’t know how I’ll die, as I’d still be alive. Hopefully I won’t know how any of my family die either as they will be too! I think I was imagining I was meeting future dead self, which would bring up another 50 questions!!!

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