Day 10 Review your favourite product

I am not a fan of consumerism. I do not like how consumeristic we are in Australia and I do not like to think of myself as a big part of it. I’ve heard it suggested that consumerism is the modern day religion and shopping malls are the cathedrals. I tend to agree. I had no idea what to write about today, as I do not like to think of myself as a part of this issue. After ‘chatting’ to some fellow Blogtober writers, I decided to think about what products I use on a daily basis. I started the day by recording all the products I used: here is my list;
Shampoo –Toni & Guy
Soap – Tricare
Face wash – Body Shop
Baby powder – Johnsons
Rosehip Moisturiser – Essano
Liquid hand soap – no idea as it’s a refill
Op shop jeans & top
Vidal Sassoon Hair Dryer
Concealer – Rimmel
Pressed powder – Revlon
Bronzing beads – Body shop
Mascara – Lacura
Toothbrush & paste – Colegate
Hair brush – brand worn off, (so old)
Cotton Tips – no name
Toilet paper – Naturale *

Far out, that’s scary & surprised me! That was just my morning routine, with minimal make up! Maybe I’m more of a consumer than I realised.

Of that entire list, there is only one product I have been loyal to over the years: my toilet paper. I love this paper. It is 100% recycled from used office paper. It is 100% biodegradable & it is one of the most inexpensive toilet papers there is. It has been under $5 for a pack of 12 for the last 7 years & I have only recently noticed its price increased to just over $6 & that is only in one particular supermarket I’ve shopped in. I haven’t checked any others yet.

One of my friends, who has a particularly precious arse, thinks it is too hard, but I disagree. I have no problem with it. It’s soft enough for me & my family. I will never buy another while this one is for sale. We use it every day!

What loo paper do you use?

Dunny paper
Dunny paper

10 thoughts on “Day 10 Review your favourite product

  1. ha ha ha, I laughed out loud at your comment. Yes I suppose I am loyal to my loo paper!

    C.A. I go into the supermarket & I just see hundreds & thousands of useless little packages. It is so bad & yet so convenient. I always aim to do better, buy less packaging, buy more local, take my own bags. The loo paper is a no brainer for me! 🙂

  2. I could not get over how adorable this post is. Toilet paper, you are loyal to a toilet paper brand of all things. I try so much to deny also that I need to shop. I feel like it is a mundane chore that everyone is somehow engaged to. Oh well, perhaps that is one of the many traps of the modern age.

  3. My loo paper could be any brand, but it has to be silky smooth, with more layers prefferably. Last time I bought one with a big white duck on the wrapping and little ducklings on a paper. Sooo nice and soft 🙂

  4. ppppfffahaha, love this post!I would have never thought loo roll, but there you go it’s there in the post. I have to admit I have no loyalty what so ever with these sort of things, I chop and change at the drop of hat (price). hehehe

  5. I am totally with you on this one and becoming a blogger has made me realize it more!
    But I use a similar look roll, recycled and cheap and all that too but my housemate Has a precious are too so she prefers to use my bog roll as (a very unenviromentaly friendly) cleaning cloths..

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