A little Sunday Clarity

This morning I was with my almost 9 month old in the lounge room. She was getting bored, I was getting bored too. I decided I’d get out for a walk. It was about 8:30am Sunday morning.

I got my little Jack Russel, the lead, pram & off we went. I didn’t take my phone, I didn’t take any photos, something’s are best to be enjoyed only.  I walked towards the river. As I walked, I breathed in the fresh Autumn Air.

I looked at my baby & thought about how lucky I am to see her beautiful little face every day. She was happily looking around. I’m so glad she enjoys going for walks in the pram now, until not long ago she didn’t & she would cry along the way, it wasn’t fun.

I took in the scenery of the river in the morning, the peace, the quiet. I enjoyed seeing the houses in the neighbourhood; I like to check out how people decorate their gardens & homes. I saw huge fig trees, a liquidambar tree, starting to change colour at the top.

I got the bridge & decided to walk over it. At the top, {it’s quite a high bridge} I had the best view of the surrounding valley I live in, it was beautiful. I’m lucky to live here. I decided to walk back along the river, giving myself maximum time to enjoy the beauty – I think this is key to a good walk. I saw a Memenkwe (native Indian for butterfly).

I looked at my dog; he was trotting along happily with a grin on his face. Dogs are so smart, they know the value of getting a walk, they enjoy every second. If you’ve never really taken notice of this I suggest next time you walk your dog, look at how much they love it. They have nailed mindfulness!

I got back home, it was only a ½ hour walk, I felt happy I’d made the effort to venture out. Walking gives me clarity. I know this, I must do it more! It was a start of a good day.